Tips for Move-Out Day: Help with Kids

When Move-Out day comes around and Always Moving shows up to your home to load up our trucks, our goal is to deliver a smooth and easy move. The best way to create this smooth process is for the owners of the property to be present and available to help guide movers and clear up any confusion regarding different pieces of furniture, boxes, etc. Although we do not require an owner to be present throughout the move, we have found that this practice reduces stress and creates a healthy stream of communication between our team and yourself, which translates to a smooth overall move. Further, a home that is being cleared out and having large objects moved in and out is not the best environment for children or even pets. Therefore, if you have small children or pets you may want to consider hiring a sitter for the day. This will enable you to keep a laser-focus on moving day without potential distractions and will maximize the safety of your little ones! We understand that this is not always possible, but let’s explore a couple of potential options when looking for a sitter:

  • Family Friend – This is most likely your easiest way to go. Rather than ask a friend to help you move, something we both know they do not want to do, try seeing if they can watch your children or animals for a few hours. Offer to pay them or maybe convince them that it is their personal going away present to you. The second option sounds better to us!

  • – If you’re in a pinch and can’t find a friend to help you out, this website should be your go-to. A wildly popular site for finding help with your kids, screens and advertises animal sitters and nannies for hire. Similar to Uber, each user is given real ratings from actual people and is screened before they are allowed to advertise their services. This ensures that your pet or child will be well taken care of. Prices are negotiable! With many different filters and screeners, you are sure to be able to find the perfect sitter for your children and pets!

At times, finding help with you pets or kids is simply impossible, and we are aware of that! So, if you are unable to free up time, we understand. Always Moving is flexible and willing to work with just about any situation you may find yourself in. We will find a way to get you home!