Now Offering Truck and Driver Rentals!


Always Moving is now offering a truck and driver daily rental. With this service you will get access to one of our top of the line 20 foot box trucks along with a professional and certified driver. This option is great if you believe that you have the ability to move all of your belongings without the help of a moving crew, but do not have access to a truck or do not feel comfortable driving a 20 footer.

This alternative to hiring an entire crew substantially cuts down on the cost of your move. Furthermore, some of the other benefits of this service are access to our cargo insurance, access to our new top of the line vehicles, as well as a driver who is experienced in driving our trucks. You can also choose a package in which you have full access to some of the tools we use when we move, such as packing blankets, hand trucks, and ropes, which will save you time and make the moving process much easier. All of this helps make sure that your belongings will be safe in transit!

So how does this work? First, give us a call to schedule your move. At the specified date and time, we will show up with the truck and driver. You simply load up the truck, our driver takes it to your new place, you unload the truck, and it’s a great day!

It’s as simple as that!